• Adhika Prabu Aprianto (born April 23, 1986), better known by his stage name JMono, is an Indonesian musician. He is best known as the founder and the only member of the band Neurotic, and also former bassist, co-founding member, and one of the composers of the rock band ALEXA. He has also played with Souleh and Soulehah, MARCH, and many others.

    JMono had been based in Jakarta in most of his career journey, from studying at the University of Indonesia, to performing with local bands, and then co-founding Riverbrick recording studio. He took a piano lesson since he was 5 years old and graduated from Yayasan Pendidikan Musik (Manggarai) in 2002, then continued his musical study under Yance Manusama for electric bass and under Otti Jamalus for piano.

    Originally a nu-jazz bass player prodigy, he contributed several Indonesian independent nu-jazz artists between 2004 until 2007 including Parkdrive, Humania, Idang Rasjidi, Dimi, Deep Sound Community, and many more. And then also contributed several Indonesian mainstream act such as Afgan as a producer also Krisdayanti, Andien, Anugrah Aditya as a session musician. His first high-profile production work was in 2009 when he produced Indonesian popstar Afgan for one of his hits single "Dia, dia, dia". He also produced the single "Tak Sempurna" for Once Mekel in 2015.

    In 2006 he co-founded Souleh and Soulehah, a side project that featured jazz vocalist/beatbox Indra Aziz, Tomorrow People Ensemble guitarist Nikita Dompas, and Parkdrive's Rayendra Sunito on the drums.

    In 2007 he co-founded Alexa with former Maliq and D'Essentials guitarist and future Alexa guitarist Satrio with whom they achieved national success in Indonesia. 

    In 2009 he started to join Indonesian metal band March as they live bass player and currently join them as a full time member.

    In the mid-end of 2011 he released his solo debut with a mini album titled "A Very Long Weekend". He produced, sang, and played all of the instrument with the help from co-producer Satya Adi who also recorded, mixed, and mastered the album. The only single from this album "Tidur" was a radio hits in the end of 2011. He went separate ways with Alexa after the band fired him in September 2012. 

    Since his firing from Alexa, JMono formed a musical parade band named Neurotic in 2012, with him as the founder and the only member. He worked with Widi Puradiredja from Maliq and D'Essentials and Hendra Jaya Putra from Rock N' Roll Mafia as the producers for Neurotic debut album " Weird". Neurotic released their 1st single "Surga Durjana" in the mid of 2013 and released their debut album "Weird" in the end of 2014.